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  • Name: Aaliyah Love
  • Dob: 1985-03-03
  • Height: 5 feet and 2 inches (157 cm)
  • Weight: 106 lbs (48 kg)
  • Measurements: 34A-26-34
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Rank: 0
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • City: Chicago
  • State: U.S.A
  • Biography: Although this lady does not look like most porn stars, that are all super sexy and all, she is so simple that she remains sexy as well. She does not have the largest boobs or even the largest butt, however she does everything that she can to remain as one of the nicest porn stars of all time. She has never received awards, however she is working her way towards it. She has been on the porn world for a few years now and she does not plan on retiring anytime soon. If you would like to check for a very interesting lady that is not afraid to have some sexy action with both males and females then this is the right blond for you to be with! This American porn star was born back on March 3, 1985 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. She is blond, short and has a cute smile that would never reveal her true profession. Before she actually became a porn star she was a pre-school teacher while she was a university student. She currently has a degree on Elementary Education. She first started out in the world of sexuality when she was only 18, barely legal, as a webcam model. She got such job after she replied to a job post on the newspaper. She has her very own porn website called Aaliyah Love cAaliyah Love. She started out recording porn videos, which were girl on girl, back in 2011. She worked with Girlfriends films most of her time. Later on she was Twistys Treat of the Month on April 2012. She shot her very first hetero porn movie in April 2012 with Brazzers. This great lady does a lot of videos with males and females. She has no problem being a lesbian however she also does not have any issues while being with men. She has already stated that she does not mind having sex with both sexes, however she would never label herself as bisexual because that makes her feel very uncomfortable. She loves children and because of that she graduated in Elementary Education. She has also worked as a pre school teacher. She wanted her stage name to be Molly however people from the very first agency that she worked with created her Aaliyah porn nickname so she would rank on first on the site. Thanks to that she got most of the porn site’s traffic. She is very talented, has a wonderful future ahead of her and even though she loves children she would not change her career for anything else for now. She is making good profit and has everything to impress even the most exigent porn lovers. She is sexy, blond and is more than ready to impress those who love porn stories with fresh babes.

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